Next Positive Birth Group Meeting is Feb 27 at 7pm

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Our last Positive Birth Group meeting went well. January’s theme was images of birth. Our discussion centred around how media has created our visual images of birth and how we can change that images we hold in our mind by watching videos of good births.  We also shared some of our favorite birth videos including my life birth footage and some of my inspirations.

The next Positive Birth Movement Meeting is coming up Wednesday, February 27 at 7pm.

The theme for this month is ‘Language of Birth’.

childbirth courses, maternity classesDo the words we use around birth and do they matter? What are the words? How do they make you feel?  Is it a ‘contraction’, a ‘surge’, or a ‘rush’? Is a baby ‘delivered’ ‘caught’ or something else? Is labour ‘painful’, or ‘powerful’? What words do people associate with birth and are these helpful or unhelpful?

We will start with our theme and will also discuss anything that comes up for those pregnant mamas and papas who attend. Continue reading