Oh, It’s Not Going to Kill Them


I know you’ve heard it… maybe you’ve even said it.  This statement drives me insane.  Do you want to know why?  Because it’s always (almost always?) said to justify feeding complete garbage to kids.  More specifically, my kids.

I don’t know about you, but I’m aiming slightly higher than just keeping my children alive.

“And please don’t tell me that it’s just my “preference” to make the food choices that I do.  It’s a heck of a lot more than that.  It’s about doing my best to protect the current and future health of myself and my family.  It’s about taking my responsibility to care for the planet seriously.  It’s about supporting local farmers rather than factory farms.  It’s about taking a stand against the exploitation and abuse of people in other countries by unethical and wickedly powerful corporations.  It’s about doing what’s right to the best of my knowledge and ability.  It’s about using my resources wisely.

So c’mon, give me a little help here.  Let’s think about what we feed kids (and ourselves) a bit more thoughtfully.  Let’s aim for something better than just not killing them, shall we?”

Barrhaven Chiropractor, Dr. Nancy’s Comments

Beautiful!  My kids thankfully have never eaten at a crappy fast food restaurant and don’t know what the golden arches means.  Its so much more important than most people realize.  Why do kids get the worst possible quality food when they are the ones growing so rapidly?  You are right, its not a treat, it poison.  Dark chocolate is a treat not a candy bar (notice its not actually called a chocolate bar because its mostly sugar and therefore a candy and not a chocolate).  We treat our kids with homemade cookies made with honey or real maple syrup, whole grain flour and fruit purees.  We are not depriving them (as my mom would say).  Actually I am depriving them, I’m depriving them of cancer, heart disease, irritable bowel, the list goes on.  Love this article.