Let Us Celebrate YOU!

In celebration of 9 years of service, we want to honour YOU for giving us the pleasure of being part of your health care team.

Join us on Saturday, June 22 from 11-1 for our Patient Appreciation Day!

Bring the whole family and a friend or two.  Enjoy a FREE barbecue, complimentary neck & shoulder massages, professional face painting for the kids from 11-12  (you can have your face painted too if you want), Ray’s Reptiles Show from 12-1 (with real live animals!), and enter the draw to win a bike (adult size).

The best part, you get to hang out with us :)


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Are You Walking Around Unconsious?

We interest with people each day and are often forget that these people are on a similar journey, have similar challenges, and just want to be loved and appreciated like you.

This short video discusses how we can stay conscious, despite the day to day.

Therapeutic Massage in 3 simple steps

Massage therapy may be something your doctor recommended you try for relieving muscle pain, stiffness or stress.

Perhaps you received a gift certificate but have never had a professional massage.

You might think it a waste of time and money. But even frugal fans know it’s worth every penny.

Consider these three simple steps to maximize the health benefits of your next massage:

1. Talk to your massage therapist enough to tell them about any concerns or problem areas. Do you want to have those muscles worked on and feel that ‘good pain’ or do you really just need to relax and de-stress? Both types of massage are beneficial, but be clear with your Registered Massage Therapist so you get what you expect. Then opt to chat less and focus on relaxing your body more. It’s the perfect time to still your mind.

2. Set the stage for yourself. Ask your massage therapist to adjust anything that’s not helping you get into your cozy zone. It’s your time, so let’s be sure to have the music and lighting just right and the temperature perfect for you. You don’t need to be shy about your body, as your RMT is trained in sheet-draping techniques to protect your modesty.

3. Now practice relaxing and listening to your body. Be aware of how your muscles feel when massaged: is there good pain, bad pain or no pain? You may be surprised that your muscles engage or tense up, but you and your RMT will soon learn what pressure is appropriate for you. The more you can relax and not tense up, the better you’ll receive the therapy. Take some deep breaths to distract your mind from any pain. Don’t worry, your body will soon learn to remember to relax and it’ll get easier the more you practice!

Try these three simple steps next time you slip between the sheets. You’ll soon be a professional yourself at relaxing your mind and body.

What’s Your Problem?

Many people think that their problem is the pain they feel. In fact many of us will go on ignoring our pain until that pain finally interferes with something we need or love and we finally take action on it.

But pain itself is not the problem. Pain is not a condition to be treated, although I just had a patient start in the office “diagnosed” with chronic neck pain. Chronic neck pain is not a condition, no pain is a condition, it is merely a symptom. It is a signal.

Just like the sound of your smoke detector is not a problem, it is a signal. If you turn off the smoke detector you have not solved anything all you did was turn off the signal.

Symptoms are not the first thing to show up when something is malfunctioning. Pain shows up when we exceed our are ability to adapt to the malfunction.

So when someone presents to our office in pain, we understand that you have hit your limit and it is impacting your ability to live your best life but we don’t want to focus on it.

Our goal is not to get rid of your pain. We don’t want to turn off your signal, numb your body, or say to your feedback system that we don’t care what you are telling us. What we want to do is respect that pain for what it is. Your body’s alarm system that something is malfunctioning.

From there we want to move forward and restore normal function to the body and help you understand the basic fundamentals you need to live your best life.

Massage therapy pays in the end

Massage therapy pays in the end.

Ever wonder just how much you spend on your car each year?

It can run to thousands of dollars, and that’s just for gas, oil and insurance. Then there’s the inevitable cost of repairs and maybe new tyres or brakes. The bill adds up. Funny thing is, we usually don’t hesitate to pay to keep our car on the road. And when the car gets old and cranky and starts to break down, we just trade it in!

Question is: how much money do you pay each year to maintain your BODY, because replacement parts and trade-ins are really not an option.

What happens as we age, get stressed, or succumb to low-grade fuel like junk food?

Maybe you already know how that feels. Do you spend more on your body than on your car?  It doesn’t need to be costly, and the benefits will far outlast any expense.

In fact a lot of it is free: you can de-stress by taking a walk, listening to music, or meditating. Try moving your body out of its comfort zone by stretching, striding and getting your blood moving.

You can also use any health-plan coverage for chiropractic care or massage therapy to achieve your very best muscular and joint health. If you don’t  have coverage or it’s not enough, set a monthly budget for maintenance work on your body so that you can live well now and avoid break-downs later!

It’s your body to live in and use how you please. Treat it right and it’ll run like a Rolls.


Is Enriched Cereal with Iron Good for You?

I came across this video on YouTube called ‘Shocking Truth About Cereal Exposed 2012‘ and I have to say, it was definitely shocking!  The video shows that the iron used in an enriched box of cereal are actual metallic iron filings!

Watch the video here.

Barrhaven Chiropractic Ottawa Chiropractor Dr Mike Carreira Dr Nancy Salgueiro Headache back pain neck stiffness migraines sciatica relief

Iron is an essential nutrient, necessary for us to build hemoglobin.  Hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells and is necessary to carry oxygen throughout the body, allowing our cells to function.  Without iron, you can develop anemia and might suffer from symptoms

Can antioxidants prevent the flu?

Barrhaven Chiropractic Ottawa Chiropractor Dr Mike Carreira Dr Nancy Salgueiro Headache back pain neck stiffness migraines sciatica relief flu antioxidantsIf you are wondering why some people get the flu, while others don’t, you are not alone.  Researchers at the University of Michigan did a study to find out just why one person is hacking and sneezing, while the other seems to never have an issue at all.

The researchers actually studied gene expression in the study participants and found that people that show no symptoms at all, are actually having a behind the scenes response to the virus and just don’t show the physical symptoms near and dear to our hearts of coughing, sneezing, and fatigue.

The most interesting find in the study was that the individuals who didn’t get sick had “differences in their biological metabolism and gene expression. These differences had to do with antioxidants.”

Although the study did not prove that antioxidants are a key factor, it does suggest the possibility and future research may help us learn more.  For now eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is a great way to start.  If you want in an in depth discussion about antioxidants check out Dr Mercola’s website.

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7 Steps to Treat Depression without Drugs

1. Try an anti-inflammatory elimination diet that gets rid of common food allergens. As I mentioned above, food allergies and the resultant inflammation have been connected with depression and other mood disorders.

2. Check for hypothyroidism. This unrecognized epidemic is a leading cause of depression. Make sure to have thorough thyroid exam if you are depressed.

3. Take vitamin D. Deficiency in this essential vitamin can lead to depression. Continue reading

Why Antidepressants Don’t Work for Treating Depression

“Here’s some depressing recent medical news: Antidepressants don’t work. What’s even more depressing is that the pharmaceutical industry and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have deliberately deceived us into believing that they DO work. As a physician, this is frightening to me. Depression is among the most common problems seen in primary-care medicine and soon will be the second leading cause of disability in this country.

The study I’m talking about was published in The New England Journal of Medicine. It found that drug companies selectively publish studies on antidepressants. They have published nearly all the studies that show benefit — but almost none of the studies that show these drugs are ineffective. (1) Continue reading

Birth is not a crisis…

By Elizabeth Payne, Ottawa Citizen October 18, 2011

“While having a baby at home and live online may seem wacky, it draws attention to how rare natural childbirth has become, writes Elizabeth Payne.

Nancy Salgueiro is not crazy. She is tired, very busy and extremely happy, like most new mothers.

But the Barrhaven woman’s decision to live-stream her home birth, which took place early Sunday morning without a hitch, while unconventional, was not irrational.

In fact, doctors, nurses, medical students, health policy-makers and prospective parents would do well to watch the recording of baby Oziah’s birth, which is available at Salgueiro’s website yourbirthcoach.com. It might be one of the few chances they ever get to see a baby born without medical intervention, which is a sad comment on modern health care.

The fact that normal has become the wacky exception when it comes to birth is a problem that gets too little attention. If Salgueiro’s decision to bring her baby’s birth to a world audience was provocative, that is a good thing. It might just provoke a conversation that is needed about how natural childbirth became something so rare that few people even know what it looks like, including the very people whose jobs it should be to promote and encourage it.

That is why she decided to take the unusual step of welcoming the world into her living room to watch her give birth. An estimated 2,500 people, who had registered beforehand, watched from countries including Brazil, Afghanistan and Australia.

“I want people to realize that birth is not the crisis that (movies and television shows) make it out to be. Birth is just a normal part of life.”

Salgueiro, 32, who is a chiropractor and birth educator, says there is a great deal of unnecessary fear surrounding birth. “We are the population with the least faith in our ability to (give birth naturally). Women are totally capable of it, it doesn’t need to be managed.”

It is a long way from the giant tub Salgueiro and her husband Mike Carreira placed in their Barrhaven living room for last weekend’s birth to the operating rooms where growing numbers of Canadian babies are delivered. If there is a lesson to be learned from Salgueiro’s live-streamed birth, it is not that everyone should be having babies in their living rooms, but that there has to be a safer, more rational middle ground that swings the pendulum away from the operating rooms and medically intensive births back to something that is both safe and more natural. Salgueiro is right: Women can do it. They just need a little more support from the health system.

And that is often where things fall down, but not for a lack of good intentions.

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada has actively campaigned for fewer C-sections and more natural births. In the last few years it has rewritten policy guidelines, including one that said doctors should automatically perform C-sections in cases of breech birth.

“The safest way to deliver has always been the natural way,” said Dr. André Lalonde, executive vice-president of the SOGC. “Vaginal birth is the preferred method of having a baby because a C-section in itself has complications.”‘

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