What’s Your Problem?

Many people think that their problem is the pain they feel. In fact many of us will go on ignoring our pain until that pain finally interferes with something we need or love and we finally take action on it.

But pain itself is not the problem. Pain is not a condition to be treated, although I just had a patient start in the office “diagnosed” with chronic neck pain. Chronic neck pain is not a condition, no pain is a condition, it is merely a symptom. It is a signal.

Just like the sound of your smoke detector is not a problem, it is a signal. If you turn off the smoke detector you have not solved anything all you did was turn off the signal.

Symptoms are not the first thing to show up when something is malfunctioning. Pain shows up when we exceed our are ability to adapt to the malfunction.

So when someone presents to our office in pain, we understand that you have hit your limit and it is impacting your ability to live your best life but we don’t want to focus on it.

Our goal is not to get rid of your pain. We don’t want to turn off your signal, numb your body, or say to your feedback system that we don’t care what you are telling us. What we want to do is respect that pain for what it is. Your body’s alarm system that something is malfunctioning.

From there we want to move forward and restore normal function to the body and help you understand the basic fundamentals you need to live your best life.

Everything is Energy

You get to choose the energy you vibrate with, watch to learn more.

Every thought you have is energy being put out into the universe.  When you are focusing on pain, what kind of energy are you putting out?

I realize that when you are suffering from pain it is challenging to direct your thoughts to anything else.  Dwelling on what you are feeling in that moment only draws you more into the suffering you are experiencing.

Too many people fall victim to how their body feels.

Many of us become victims of our bodies and our suffering.  We feel we have no control over what is happening.  The thing to remember is that the body always has the ability to heal.  At no point would we survive on this earth without the ability to heal, when we can no longer heal, we die.  YOU have the ability to heal.  Remove the interference, support normal body function, and remove the resistance in your mind and body.

To break the cycle of pain and suffering you need to make choices.

You need to choose to break free of the thoughts that are trapping you in this cycle.  You need to choose to focus on what it is you truly want.  Not just being pain free but focusing on how what being pain free will allow you in your life.  What are the feelings associated with being able to do the things you want to be doing.  Hold on to that energy and you will create it in your life.  You will create healing, energy, and vitality!

What is Chiropractic All About Anyway?

Chiropractic Has Always Been About Improving Health

“Have We forgotten our History Chiros?

It constantly amazes me at how many in my profession have no clue about the history of our great profession. So many docs became chiropractors in the late 80’s and current because it was a fast growing and good income profession. When my Dad went to Palmer Chiropractic College in 1954, most all students went because of a personal experience thru chiropractic saved their lives or made drastic improvements! As a result, the passion for our profession has gradually decreased. Is it just a job? Continue reading

Chiropractic Helps Child with Twitches

Chiropractic is about improving the health and vitality of the nervous system, which controls all other body function.

It goes beyond back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, and disc herniation that are commonly associated with seeking chiropractic care.  Chiropractor’s do not actually even treat any of these symptoms, as we don’t treat symptoms at all.  We improve overall health and healing so your body can take care of these concerns on it’s own.

See how this boy was helped with chiropractic care.

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