Is the Flu Shot Safe for Kids?

This article comes from Australia, who have banned Fluvax due to adverse reactions and questions of safety.

“Unprecedented decision to ban nationally all the seasonal flu vaccines for the under-5s.”

“Fluvax, the predominant vaccine, was triggering febrile fits in one in every 100 children – 10 times the expected rate. The side-effects, in some cases, were severe, and no-one could explain what had caused them.”

“By the time Fluvax was suspended, health departments across the country had notified the TGA of 410 adverse reactions among children younger than five.”

“To stop two or three children going to intensive care we had to immunise 600,000 people,” he says. “We need to be very careful before we recommend universal vaccination against influenza every year until we have better data. Otherwise we’re talking about faith-based medicine, instead of evidence-based medicine.”

“What is telling, however, is how lackadaisical health professionals – those in the front-line of any pandemic – have been about vaccinating themselves. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has discovered that barely one in four health and community workers bothered to get the free pandemic flu shot in 2009 – compared to 19 per cent of the adult population generally. Last year, just 6 per cent of children and 18 per cent of adults had been vaccinated against the flu. Asked why they shunned the flu shot, one in every six people cited “problems”, saying they thought the vaccine was “rushed and unsafe”.”

“The 2009 version of Fluvax was not tested in children, Greenberg explains, because “it is not routine to do clinical trials in children, it’s not required”.”