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From The Desktop Of: Dr. Mike Carreira and Dr. Nancy Salgueiro

Date: Tuesday, Jan 24, 2017

Ottawa Chiropractor Neck Pain Back Pain Headache Releif

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Barrhaven Ottawa Chiropractor Back Pain Neck Tension Headache ReliefBarrhaven Ottawa Chiropractor Back Pain Neck Tension Headache ReliefBarrhaven Ottawa Chiropractor Back Pain Neck Tension Headache ReliefBarrhaven Ottawa Chiropractor Back Pain Neck Tension Headache Relief

Dear Friend,

If you are like most people it isn’t the pain that really motivated you to read this.  You probably have been in discomfort, to some degree, for months or even years.

We generally become accustomed to how we feel and assume it’s just normal or will go away on its own.  As our health starts to decline, we continually set a new normal and accept this is what “normal” feels like.

It is usually when the pain of not living the life you want starts to get too great that we take action.

Do you feel old er than you think you should?

Do you feel like you are constantly telling your partner you can’t do this or that because you just don’t have the energy?

Do you find yourself telling the kids that you just can’t deal with them right now?

Have you given up on the activities you really enjoy because you don’t feel like your body can handle it anymore or you are just too tired?

Barrhaven Ottawa Chiropractor Back Pain Neck Tension Headache Relief

We hear this exact story from people just like you all the time, plus we were all there once ourselves.  The good news is we understand where you are coming from and we can help YOU, just like we have helped ourselves and hundreds of others!

Dr. Mike’s story:

Dr. Nancy’s story:

Lisa our Office Manager’s story:

Leslie our Chiropractic Assistant’s story:

We all really do understand where you are coming from and how much your health affects everyone you know and everything you do.

Barrhaven Ottawa Chiropractor Back Pain Neck Tension Headache Relief

Barrhaven Ottawa Chiropractor Back Pain Neck Tension Headache Relief

Barrhaven Ottawa Chiropractor Back Pain Neck Tension Headache Relief

At this moment you’re ONE CLICK AWAY from getting started on your path to GETTING YOUR HEALTH BACK and HARNESSING MORE ENERGY.

If you act now,

ONLY $57.00 will make YOU eligible to meet with our doctors to discuss YOUR health challenges, do a full examination of YOUR spinal health, and a receive a full comprehensive report of YOUR findings and explanation of how to heal YOURSELF naturally.

Your first visit with the doctor will include a full review of your health history, a complete spinal exam including computerized scans, orthopedic and neurological testing, chiropractic evaluation, and any spinal images necessary.  The total value of this visit is $155.

Your second visit with the doctor will include an in depth report on how YOUR body is designed to heal and function, how YOU can tap into your natural ability to be healthy, and a detailed discussion of YOUR individual exam results and recommendations.  This is the most important visit you will have with us and it’s FREE after you complete your first visit.

Once you are equipped with all the information you need, you will be in a position to make informed choices about your health and start on the path to wellness.

Barrhaven Ottawa Chiropractor Back Pain Neck Tension Headache Relief

Don’t take our word for it

Millions of people around the world have benefited from knowing what we know and are willing to share with you.  Listen to the stories of people just like you.

Haley’s Story:


Cooper’s Story:

The Webber’s Story:

Jerry Rice’s Story:

Montel Williams’ Story:


Are you investing in your health?

How much do you spend on a dinner out for two?  It’s easy nowadays to spend $57.00.  How much are you investing in your health?  If you are a homeowner you understand that you have to invest in the maintenance of your home to keep up its value.  What about your body?  The big difference is that if your home gets too old and tired you can move or build a new one.  You can’t do that with your body.  You only have one, so invest in it today!


Not sure if you can fit one more thing into your busy life?

When you choose to begin care in the office you can be comfortable knowing that we have early morning hours and afternoon/evening hours that allow you to fit visits in before or after work.  We understand that you have a busy life and that your time is valuable so we work hard to stay on schedule while giving you the time you need to receive the best care possible.  This isn’t one of those offices where you have an appointment at 8am and get seen at 10:30, we guarantee it.


Not sure what to do with the kids?

Bring them!  We have a family practice which means that a good number of our patients are kids.  Once you add in the kids that tag along with mom or dad you can almost guarantee there are always some little people around.  They are welcome to come play with the toys in the kids’ area, watch a movie, or read a book from our kid’s library while you are in with the doctor.  They can even stay in the room with you if that makes them more comfortable.


Do you want to talk to a person before you commit?

If you aren’t comfortable making your decision to get started here online, feel free to send us a message.  We will have one of our chiropractic assistants or office manager call you to answer any lingering questions.  Click here to send us a message or email us at  Please include your name, phone numbers, reason for your message, and the best times to call you back so we can avoid telephone tag.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you on the road to a better life.


P.S. The worst thing you can do now is nothing. You’ll be no further forward, and your time reading this page will have been wasted. Don’t give into fear of the unknown. Invest $57.00 and get back multiple returns on your increased energy, productivity, and joy.

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