Therapeutic Massage in 3 simple steps

Massage therapy may be something your doctor recommended you try for relieving muscle pain, stiffness or stress.

Perhaps you received a gift certificate but have never had a professional massage.

You might think it a waste of time and money. But even frugal fans know it’s worth every penny.

Consider these three simple steps to maximize the health benefits of your next massage:

1. Talk to your massage therapist enough to tell them about any concerns or problem areas. Do you want to have those muscles worked on and feel that ‘good pain’ or do you really just need to relax and de-stress? Both types of massage are beneficial, but be clear with your Registered Massage Therapist so you get what you expect. Then opt to chat less and focus on relaxing your body more. It’s the perfect time to still your mind.

2. Set the stage for yourself. Ask your massage therapist to adjust anything that’s not helping you get into your cozy zone. It’s your time, so let’s be sure to have the music and lighting just right and the temperature perfect for you. You don’t need to be shy about your body, as your RMT is trained in sheet-draping techniques to protect your modesty.

3. Now practice relaxing and listening to your body. Be aware of how your muscles feel when massaged: is there good pain, bad pain or no pain? You may be surprised that your muscles engage or tense up, but you and your RMT will soon learn what pressure is appropriate for you. The more you can relax and not tense up, the better you’ll receive the therapy. Take some deep breaths to distract your mind from any pain. Don’t worry, your body will soon learn to remember to relax and it’ll get easier the more you practice!

Try these three simple steps next time you slip between the sheets. You’ll soon be a professional yourself at relaxing your mind and body.

Massage therapy pays in the end

Massage therapy pays in the end.

Ever wonder just how much you spend on your car each year?

It can run to thousands of dollars, and that’s just for gas, oil and insurance. Then there’s the inevitable cost of repairs and maybe new tyres or brakes. The bill adds up. Funny thing is, we usually don’t hesitate to pay to keep our car on the road. And when the car gets old and cranky and starts to break down, we just trade it in!

Question is: how much money do you pay each year to maintain your BODY, because replacement parts and trade-ins are really not an option.

What happens as we age, get stressed, or succumb to low-grade fuel like junk food?

Maybe you already know how that feels. Do you spend more on your body than on your car?  It doesn’t need to be costly, and the benefits will far outlast any expense.

In fact a lot of it is free: you can de-stress by taking a walk, listening to music, or meditating. Try moving your body out of its comfort zone by stretching, striding and getting your blood moving.

You can also use any health-plan coverage for chiropractic care or massage therapy to achieve your very best muscular and joint health. If you don’t  have coverage or it’s not enough, set a monthly budget for maintenance work on your body so that you can live well now and avoid break-downs later!

It’s your body to live in and use how you please. Treat it right and it’ll run like a Rolls.


Masasge Therapy

Body Massage, relationaship, barrhaven massage therapy, muscle tensionMassage therapy is all about helping people, and providing a professional service that meets your healthcare needs.

Massage therapists are an essential part of health care in the community. It can be as simple as a relaxing massage, or as complex as therapy following a serious accident.

It all begins with our clients.  You are the one who knows what you need. And as a paying customer, you deserve to receive the highest standard of service.

Our work ethic and business approach parallels that of other health care, wellness, and fitness professionals. We carefully listen to your concerns, quickly understand your needs then design an individually tailored treatment plan to achieve the agreed upon goals.

There is no cookie-cutter approach to massage therapy.  Our skill is in our hands-on health care which uses our sense of touch as a tool to read what’s going on inside your muscles.

A professional massage therapist can easily discover and decipher muscular problems, large and small.  We use our training to interpret your needs quickly and accurately then provide the best service possible with a reactive and proactive approach.

The better we do our job the sooner you feel comfortable and can tell us how you feel or precisely what you want, such as more or less pressure.

In massage therapy, the client IS always right.  By tailoring our treatment approach to address your needs as our first and main priority, you will want to come back to Marketplace Massage Therapy Clinic.