Massage therapy pays in the end

Massage therapy pays in the end.

Ever wonder just how much you spend on your car each year?

It can run to thousands of dollars, and that’s just for gas, oil and insurance. Then there’s the inevitable cost of repairs and maybe new tyres or brakes. The bill adds up. Funny thing is, we usually don’t hesitate to pay to keep our car on the road. And when the car gets old and cranky and starts to break down, we just trade it in!

Question is: how much money do you pay each year to maintain your BODY, because replacement parts and trade-ins are really not an option.

What happens as we age, get stressed, or succumb to low-grade fuel like junk food?

Maybe you already know how that feels. Do you spend more on your body than on your car?  It doesn’t need to be costly, and the benefits will far outlast any expense.

In fact a lot of it is free: you can de-stress by taking a walk, listening to music, or meditating. Try moving your body out of its comfort zone by stretching, striding and getting your blood moving.

You can also use any health-plan coverage for chiropractic care or massage therapy to achieve your very best muscular and joint health. If you don’t  have coverage or it’s not enough, set a monthly budget for maintenance work on your body so that you can live well now and avoid break-downs later!

It’s your body to live in and use how you please. Treat it right and it’ll run like a Rolls.


2 thoughts on “Massage therapy pays in the end

  1. Thank you Marla for your trust in us at Marketplace Massage Therapy! I believe there are many people like you who want their bodies “driving” optimally. Look forward to seeing you soon at the Clinic for your next “tune-up”!

  2. How true! I most definitely want my car on the road… and spend a lot on it!

    I suppose when it comes to ourselves, immediate gratification appears to rule. We don’t tend to think of the long term goals and opt for eating, entertainment and shopping to heal the stress and resulting discomforts or pain of every day life.

    I work as an Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) because I learned that when I need the above self-care, I would trade a day in the mall for an hour massage any time! Even though I know professionally how it helps calm and kick-start healing the body and mind, when I am on the ‘fast moving car of life’, I cannot always feel what I need. The recognition and knowledgeable hands of an RMT will remind me. So I book myself in regularly.

    At your Marketplace Massage Therapy in Barrhaven and associated Marketplace Family Chiropractic Centre, I received an impressive assessment and treatment of my muscle/joint structure. The caregivers are helping me look at the big picture of how I ‘do’ daily life to find the source of tension. It feels like a collaboration.

    I want to keep the not-getting-any-younger Honda of my body on the road for at least 500,000 kms! Thanks for the help at Marketplace Barrhaven!!

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