Enjoy this New Book for the Holidays

Dr. Nancy is featured in a new book!

20 laugh-out-loud-funny moms describe their pregnancies, revealing the secretly-guarded details of their conceptions, the great and gross about pregnancy, the truth about childbirth and how their life changed once their little womb-hijacker finally came out.

From the book: I was 15 when my doctor told me, “Rachael, you will never have children.” I grew up thinking that I was going to be a lonely spinster with cats because my uterus was too scarred. (Rachael Miller); I gave birth to all three of my sons in the same hospital with the exact same anesthesiologist, whom they are all named after. (J.S.); Before kids, my husband would fill the tub with bubbles and wash my hair to get me in the mood. But after kids? Well, now my husband fills up the sink with bubbles and washes the dishes to get me in the mood. (Susie Johnson); Enjoy the stories of Becky Rappoccio, Christine Corbridge, Crystal Clancy, De’Vonne Batts, Erin Cohen, Hillary Chybinski, J.S., Julie Weckerlein, Louise Gleeson, Mandi Welbaum, Ellie Hirsch, Nancy Salgueiro, Nicole Keck, Rachael Miller, Rani Shah, Steph Calvert, Susie Johnson, Tat and Alinka Rutkowska. They’ve been pregnant more than 50 times in total and they sure do know what they are talking about, or rather writing about as all of them are bloggers and have been entertaining their readers for years. They will make you laugh, they will make you sigh, they will make you think and some might even make you cry! Get to know them one by one and follow their blogs after the read – it sure is an exciting one as many details have never been released before! No two stories are the same – we have different nationalities, different backgrounds, different number of children, different approaches to life. What the ladies do have in common is the ability to sit back, reflect and laugh. Not only that – as busy as they are, they managed to find the time to share the details of their conception, pregnancy, childbirth and the brand new life a.c. (after child).

Masasge Therapy

Body Massage, relationaship, barrhaven massage therapy, muscle tensionMassage therapy is all about helping people, and providing a professional service that meets your healthcare needs.

Massage therapists are an essential part of health care in the community. It can be as simple as a relaxing massage, or as complex as therapy following a serious accident.

It all begins with our clients.  You are the one who knows what you need. And as a paying customer, you deserve to receive the highest standard of service.

Our work ethic and business approach parallels that of other health care, wellness, and fitness professionals. We carefully listen to your concerns, quickly understand your needs then design an individually tailored treatment plan to achieve the agreed upon goals.

There is no cookie-cutter approach to massage therapy.  Our skill is in our hands-on health care which uses our sense of touch as a tool to read what’s going on inside your muscles.

A professional massage therapist can easily discover and decipher muscular problems, large and small.  We use our training to interpret your needs quickly and accurately then provide the best service possible with a reactive and proactive approach.

The better we do our job the sooner you feel comfortable and can tell us how you feel or precisely what you want, such as more or less pressure.

In massage therapy, the client IS always right.  By tailoring our treatment approach to address your needs as our first and main priority, you will want to come back to Marketplace Massage Therapy Clinic.