Keeping Our Kids Healthy as they Head Back to School

So it’s that time of year again, and you want to get your kids off on the right foot, and keep them healthy as they head back into the classroom.  A couple of friend’s of mine just commented on facebook proving just how challenging this can be. 

One talking about the aspartame and trans fats in Flinstone vitamins, and the other about how they don’t sell white milk at the school anymore.  Instead you are offered red dye 40 strawberry milk, and sugar laced chocolate milk and vanilla.  So how can we keep our kids healthy and happy this school year?

Here are 5 easy things to do to make sure your kids are off to a great start:

1.  Nutritious lunches. This has become more challenging because some schools are limiting what you can bring because our allergies are getting out of control.  At least for the most part, the healthier foods are still options.  Whole wheat bread sandwiches, carrots and celery sticks, and fruits still all make the cut.  Water to drink.  Some people think this is crazy, my kid will never eat that but remember, we teach our children what normal food is.  I can feed this to my kids and they’ll eat it because this is how they were raised on.  My kids spit out artificial juices and think icing is too sweet to eat.  So if your kids are hooked on this stuff, try to give them smaller servings and find alternatives like organic oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, real fruit juices, or homemade snacks that you can fully control the ingredients.

2.  Ergonomic backpack.  Your kids can carry a lot of weight for such small frames.  Choosing a good back pack with nice padded straps and back support, and hip straps can help.  Put  a flat binder in the bag against at the bottom so it’s  an even surface against your child’s back and try to put heavier objects to the back.  Try to minimize how much they are carrying.  It’s recommended children should only carry between 10-15% of their body weight.  When wearing the bag, both shoulder straps should be worn with the hip strap as well.  Helping your child put on the bag is good practice as well.

3.  Keep them active. Having your children registered in sports activities can help to keep them off the computer and away from the TV.  Hopefully they have been doing as lot more in the summer time, but as they head back to class, they’ll spend a lot more time sitting in a desk.  Kicking a soccer ball around with your kids on the weekend is a great way for you be active as well.  Remember this has more to do with their interests than yours.  It can be anything from soccer, to swimming, indoor rock climbing, or a martial art.

4.  Family bonding time. Now a days we are often online and putting these devices away ourselves, and having our kids do the same is necessary.  We need to offer our kids our time.  It’s a busy world, and you won’t keep a healthy relationship with your kids if you don’t plan for it.   Having planned family game nights, family vacations, cooking together, and trying to find common interests are all key.  You’ll be spending a lot of time away from each other so make sure the time you have together counts.

5.  Get them checked by a chiropractor. Kids and students have spines just like adults do.  Way to often people wait until they have aches and pains before they do anything about their health.  Except for their teeth.  People regularly brush, floss and see a dental hygienist to maintain their teeth, but they disregard the health of their spine.  A spine can be maintained, preventing spinal decay (think tooth decay)  which causes lifelong pain, arthritis, and other issues in the future.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

5.  Good bedtime routine. It’s while kids sleep that they are repairing and building new tissues.  It’s essential for kids to get 8-10, maybe even 12 hours of sleep a day when they are younger.  There is a rhythm to the body’s release of hormones like growth hormone, which peaks during the sleeping hours.  If it’s interrupted they won’t be as strong or healthy as they could be.  Regular sleeping times, not having distractions in the bedroom like toys or computers, and not reading in bed are good ideas to help keep the mind from being too active when trying to go to sleep.

These strategies are just a  few of the many things you can do to help keep your kids healthy as they start out the new school year.

4 thoughts on “Keeping Our Kids Healthy as they Head Back to School

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  3. Spinal decay is also know as degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis. It is the wearing out and breakdown of the spinal joints in response to abnormal forces on the vertebra. Most people in our culture have heard of osteoarthritis, it just isn’t the best way of describing a degenerating joint because it isn’t actually an inflammatory joint disease as the word arthritis suggests. That’s just a matter of medical terminology most people wouldn’t understand unless they have studied physiology and diagnoses. We choose to use more proper terminology than the regular lay terminology of arthritis. (FYI food does not break down your teeth. It is bacteria eating that food that does the damage.)

    Of course there is no food breaking down your spine, but there are abnormal joint movements that can cause fixations (subluxations) that if left uncorrected begin to break down your spine. Examples would include repetitive stresses, car accidents, and slips and falls to name a few.

    To say Chiropractic is 100% untested would mean that no research had been done. That is completely untrue. There is chiropractic research being done on a regular basis and has been for years and years. The profession is over a hundred years old and is still here for a reason. It works. Research has even shown that people under long term chiropractic care have increased levels of serum thiol, which is one of the best indicators of DNA repair and longevity.

    It is sad that people are so misinformed about the benefit and safety of chiropractic. I wouldn’t let me children go without regular chiropractic care, whether they have any symptoms or traumas or not, they get checked regularly. That is because I understand human physiology and the great benefit to their health by maintaining optimal function of their nervous system and spine throughout life instead of letting it breakdown and lead to numerous health problems as they get older. What wouldn’t you want to maximize your child’s potential, especially when chiropractic is so safe, thousands of times safer than a single Tylenol.

  4. I love how you slip in “get them checked by a chiropractor” into a list of otherwise reasonable things to do. You compare tooth decay to “spinal decay”?? What the heck is spinal decay? And in what way exactly does it compare to tooth decay? I wasn’t aware there were chunks of food eating away at my spine if I don’t brush them away. Sources please!

    I wouldn’t let a child anywhere near a chiropractor. Chiropractic is 100% untested, unscientific quackery.

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