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Natural Childbirth Broadcast Live Online: Discover How Beautiful and Easy Natural Childbirth Can Be

A natural birthing mom’s perspective on childbirth and why the real images of natural birth have just begun to emerge.




PRLog (Press Release)Sep 04, 2011 – Ottawa, On – One needn’t look far for images and videos of birth.  The question is this: are we seeing the real images of what natural birth can be?  And if the current environment of childbirth provides any clues, the answer is definitely not.

Dr. Nancy Salgueiro, a leading expert in childbirth education revealed, “It’s time we separate fact from fiction, and myths from truths.  The real story here is that women and babies are being set up for unnecessary medical interventions in birth by the images we have been exposed to about birth.”

As proof, Dr. Nancy Salgueiro asks birthing mothers to consider these three areas before forming an image of what their birth will look like.

Truth #1: The image you have in your head about what natural childbirth looks like has come from main stream media like sitcoms and movies.  These images you have been exposed to involved women screaming and hating their husbands, women hooked up to machines being told what interventions are going to be done to them.

Truth #2: The visual blueprint you have in your head about what birth looks like is important for you to draw on, both when you are preparing yourself for giving birth as well as when you are going through your own labor and delivery.

Truth #3:  There is another side to natural childbirth.  One where women birth in their own power and have joyful and blissful birth experiences.

For an opportunity to watch a natural home birth live online for free, listen to this message from the mom to be

To sign up to be notified when labor begins and when to watch go to  There is no cost.

For media inquiries, to arrange for an interview or an expert quote please contact Dr. Nancy Salgueiro at 1-877-780-2272 x 300.

Dr. Nancy Salgueiro is a trusted authority on childbirth education, chiropractic, and natural health.   She has been recognized by the Greater Nepean Chamber of Commerce for professional service.  Dr. Nancy Salgueiro is a member of the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association and a Fellow of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.  Dr. Nancy Salgueiro is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and has educated and supported hundred’s of women through pregnancy and birth since 2002 and has given birth at home twice and will be giving birth live online this fall

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7 thoughts on “Childbirth Live Online

  1. Hungarian, translated by Google Translator.”Congratulations on your courageous initiative, I look to the online broadcast, you can not stay off it.
    More and more we begin to forget the roots of the natural instincts, it’s about time to draw attention.
    And this is a very good way to do this.
    We would be able to do much more if we let ourselves be guided to the érzéseinktől.”

  2. Gratulálok a bátor kezdeményezéshez, én is megnézem az online közvetítést, ha nem maradok le róla.
    Egyre jobban kezdjük elfelejteni a gyökereinket, a természetes ösztöneinket, épp ideje felhívni rá figyelmet.
    És ez nagyon jó módja ennek.
    Sokkal többre lennénk képesek , ha hagynánk az érzéseinktől vezérelni magunkat.

  3. I have had four children- the first two had some pain meds in the hospital and the last two no meds at all (my fourth was born at home) and I found the completely natural births to be more comfortable and pain-less. I also found it to be peaceful and beautiful, unlike it’s portrayal often in movies and on TV. Best to you! I hope to be watching!


  4. As a women in my early 30’s without children, I have found that movies have made up my mind about child birth, It looks awful, and unbearable pain! I have no idea if this is right or not. I have saw child birth on other television shows, but I wonder to myself if they are trying to “Make” it look not bad or painful when it could be??? So what is the truth here? I find this could allow me to know the truth, no bells and whistles, no professional editing etc.

  5. Although not delivered >
    “naturally”‘ I watched AND aided in my own sons’ birth 25 years ago. Not only was it fascinationg but it was also VERY emotional as I watched his head appear and then slowly the rest of him entered this world. I will never forget that. I could go on describing it forever. This is something EVERYONE should see and experience.
    Thank you for sharing.


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