Trouble Nursing?

“My Baby Won’t Nurse.”

Sometimes what comes naturally… doesn’t.

After a baby’s first breath, the next thing it looks for is a breast. It happens quite naturally thousands of times a day. Except when it doesn’t. Several such cases have been documented in the Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics:


A three-week-old girl had colic, flatulence and outbursts of crying for almost three weeks. A chiropractic examination revealed left foot rotation, folded left ear, restricted neck Continue reading

Births at Home Increasing in Popularity and Decreasing Interventions

Home Birth on the Rise by a Dramatic 20%

“NEW YORK (AP) — One mother chose home birth because it was cheaper than going to a hospital. Another gave birth at home because she has multiple sclerosis and feared unnecessary medical intervention. And some choose home births after cesarean sections with their first babies.

Whatever their motivation, all are among a striking trend: Home births increased 20 percent from 2004 to 2008 Continue reading

Take a Pill, Get a Shot, or Succumb to Surgery

Just Nod Your Head and Say Yes

“We are taught that when medical doctors tell us to take a pill, get a shot, or succumb to surgery, we should simply nod our heads obediently, say yes, and take the pill, get the shot, or have the surgery. Our school systems advocate that line of thinking simply by employing school nurses with the authority to offer Tylenol, aspirin, or even Ritalin.

Modern medicine is fantastic… in EMERGENCY situations. Every other situation, not so much. If I have an arm dangling by a tendon and gushing blood after a bad car accident, a specific chiropractic adjustment to my atlas (C1) vertebra won’t do much for me. Continue reading