Marketplace Massage Therapy’s complimentary brownies

If you were in our massage therapy clinic in Barrhaven on the weekend, you probably were offered a delicious gluten-free dark chocolate brownie. I am happy to share the recipe with you here, so that you can spread the word about how tasty and healthy non-wheat foods can be.

Just a quick note about why we should cut back on eating wheat. As Dr. William Davis explains in his best-selling book and cookbook Wheat Belly, today’s wheat “has been genetically altered to provide processed-food manufacturers the greatest yield at the lowest cost; consequently, this once-benign grain has been transformed into a nutritionally bankrupt yet ubiquitous ingredient that causes blood sugar to spike more rapidly than eating pure table sugar and has addictive properties that send us on a roller coaster of hunger, over-eating and fatigue.”

A wheat-free diet is easier than you might think and any initial inconveniences finding wheat-free replacements are minimal compared to the significant healthy life benefits such as reduced weight, reduced intestinal and joint inflammation, alleviation of diabetes, and a healthier heart. Personally, I have noticed a big improvement in overall energy. When I eat wheat I feel bloated and tired, but not with these brownies!

Gluten/wheat free brownies:
3/4 cup butter melted (or coconut butter)
1 cup brown sugar
3 eggs, beaten
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 1/4 cups almond flour
1/2 teaspoon xanthum/guar gum
1/2 cup cocoa
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup chopped dark chocolate
1 cup frozen raspberries (optional)
1 cup chopped nuts (optional)

Melt butter then add sugar, vanilla, eggs and stir until the sugar dissolves. Stir in the dry ingredients one at a time. Bake in a 9″ square pan or similar for 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees.

I’d love if you could leave me any comments. Enjoy!!

Fever, Should You Be Concerned?

Fever = Healthy Immune Response

young girl with fever barrhaven chiropractorA childhood fever is rarely dangerous. Think twice before attempting to override the wisdom of their body.

If you’re like many parents, the first time your infant has a fever it’s a cause for concern. That’s because many of us have been brought up to see fever as a sign of sickness when really it’s a sign that you are well!


Yes, it’s true. A fever is a sign that your body is working the way it was designed. Your body has the innate wisdom to raise its temperature in response to a foreign body – a virus or bacteria – that needs to be destroyed.  It is not the virus or bacteria making your body temperature go awry, it is your body taking active and controlled steps to eliminate the foreign invader.

Many medical practitioners advise you to give some type of child-strength fever reducer to your child to make him or her more “comfortable” and to bring the fever down. We have a different perspective. We believe that childhood fevers, and the viruses and infections that cause them, play a valuable role in strengthening your child’s immune system, making it stronger to resist future infections.

Moreover, when you give fever-reducing medications to a child, you’re overriding the intelligence of the body. This may actually prolong the length of the illness! Additionally, your child’s immune system may miss the opportunity to become resistant to the virus or bacteria that caused the infection in the first place!  Your child’s immune system must complete the immune reaction without outside interference to become stronger the next time it is exposed to the same, or even a different, bacteria or virus.

So, when your child gets a fever, remember that fever is the body’s innate immune response. Instead of seeing it as something to be feared or eliminated, view it as a welcome response that tells you that your child’s immune system is functioning properly and getting stronger. Understand, too, that giving your child acetaminophen, paracetamol or ibuprofen can defeat the intended purpose of the fever.

Relax, knowing that a fever is dangerous only in rare instances. The body naturally self regulates the temperature up to about 104.  Remember, it is their body creating it, with intention. When excessive or long in duration, it may indicate a more serious problem.  It is not the number on the thermometer but the child’s behavior that we need to pay attention to.  A child who is fighting off an infection will naturally feel unwell, may be cuddly and cranky.  This is normal, regardless if the temperature is 99 or 104.  If your child is listless, losing consciousness, extremely lethargic, this is NOT normal, regardless is the temperature is 99 or 104.  If in doubt, or if your child is under 12 months of age, consult your health care practitioner.  Fevers in the 105-106 range are can be caused by poison and should be taken for appropriate medical treatment.

Regular chiropractic care can help to keep your child’s immune system functioning properly. In fact, many parents bring their children to our practice to not only get well, but to stay well. Parents often report that when their children receive routine chiropractic care, they tend to be sick less often and for a far shorter period than their peers.  Many parents, us included, chose to use chiropractic care as our first line of defense in the case of a fever.  Since a fever is a sign the immune system is at work, we want to enhance immune system function.  One of the best ways to do that is with a chiropractic adjustment.  The immune system is being controlled by the nervous system and needs to be free of interference to function optimally.  In our experience, an adjustment during a fever, quickly does the trick to get the immune system fighting off quickly, and fevers reduce in short time.

Are you doing everything to hep your child build the strongest immune system?  Wellness chiropractic care should be part of your health strategy for optimal health and immune function. Do you know a child who could benefit from a better working nervous system?

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Let Us Celebrate YOU!

In celebration of 9 years of service, we want to honour YOU for giving us the pleasure of being part of your health care team.

Join us on Saturday, June 22 from 11-1 for our Patient Appreciation Day!

Bring the whole family and a friend or two.  Enjoy a FREE barbecue, complimentary neck & shoulder massages, professional face painting for the kids from 11-12  (you can have your face painted too if you want), Ray’s Reptiles Show from 12-1 (with real live animals!), and enter the draw to win a bike (adult size).

The best part, you get to hang out with us :)


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Did Angelina Jolie Make a Mistake?

Interesting article questioning the ‘Breast Cancer Gene’ Theory. In the 1950s we were removing tonsils and adenoids, in the early 2000s radical hysterectomies became common, hormone replacement therapy was popular for a while… is this the newest medical experiment? If something needs to be done, then do it, but otherwise there are no extra parts in the human body.

One of the key issues with this theory is that it completely ignores epigenetics or gene expression. If you have a blue print of a beautiful house designed with a broken down deck attached to it, you can choose to build only the house. Your body has your best interests in mind, just help it out.


Doctored Film Screening is May 31! 

The documentary film DOCTORED will be screened here in Ottawa.

This film is a MUST SEE by everyone who uses health care in any form.  You need to know the behind the scenes truth about what happens in healthcare.

DOCTORED – The Movie, explores the medical monopoly that is controlling your access to health care and the alternatives that can help you reach optimal health that are being suppressed and hidden from you. 

Watch the film trailer here:

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Are You Walking Around Unconsious?

We interest with people each day and are often forget that these people are on a similar journey, have similar challenges, and just want to be loved and appreciated like you.

This short video discusses how we can stay conscious, despite the day to day.

How is Your Subconscious Affecting Your Health and Life

Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist who is one of my personal heroes in the world of health and raising your consciousness. Listen to this and learn how your subconscious programming in running in the background of your life, how you can change it so the honeymoon feeling can last forever.

Teleconference with Mindful Motherhood Author May 2

Mindful Motherhood is a program that teaches you how mindfulness practices can be integrated into your everyday life during pregnancy and early motherhood for staying balanced, healthy, and connected with your baby, even in difficult moments.


Join author of the book Mindful Motherhood, Cassandra Vieten, PhD, for a LIVE Q&A

May 2nd: 5p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST. To get call in info please email Dr. Nancy at

childbirth courses, maternity classes, positive birth

Our last Positive Birth Group meeting was great!

I truly appreciate expectant parents who are actively creating the best start to life for their babies.  It is such a pleasure spending time with such empowered families.

For those who were not present, the theme of the meeting was ‘Place of Birth’.  We discussed home birth and allowed the conversation to lead us.  We touched on the space of birth beyond actual location, are kids, mothers (grandmothers to-be), or pets going to be around.  We also discussed water birth and tubs, GTT testing, GBS testing (how to get a negative test), and also what to expect if you do need to transfer from home to hospital.

We discussed Cesarean birth and some of the choices that you may still have, even if your birth is not playing out as planned.

Here is a link I promised to the video we discussed about Family-Centered Cesarean.

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